Workshops and Lectures


Date Speaker Location Event
April 28th - 30th Joel Glanzberg Fleischmanns, NY Seeing With Nature’s Mind: Problem Evolving for a Living World
Address: Spillian. Patterns are the language of life, our original mother tongue. By triangulating the perspectives of traditional tracking (pattern reading), living systems thinking (pattern thinking) and regenerative design (pattern design), we can relearn to see with Nature’s mind and act as essential members of this living world. More Info
April 30th - 2nd Joel Glanzberg Fleischmanns, NY Regenerating Place: Whole-Systems Design and Planning
Address: Spillian. Join Joel Glanzberg and John Boecker in learning together how to engage regenerative design and development in the places we shape, using Spillian as a living lab. For over two years, John Boecker has been working with Spillian and its community to understand it as a place of regeneration for both people and the land itself. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the master plan for the 33 acre estate, learning how we can understand its unique identity as we imagine the future of its vision, its historic buildings, its landscape, and its stakeholders.
May 1st - 4th Bill Reed Portland, OR Living Future
Essence to Essence: Reciprocity within Place as A Living Being. Workshop co-led with Caroline Robinson of Cabal. See conference schedule for workshop time and date.

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