Regenerative Development & Design: A Framework for Evolving Sustainability


Regenerative Development and Design takes sustainability to the next level, and provides a framework for incorporating regenerative principles into your current process. In this book, Regenesis co-founders Pamela Mang and Ben Haggard explain what regenerative development is, how and why it works, and how you can incorporate the fundamental principles into your practice. A clear, focused framework shows you how to merge regenerative concepts with your existing work, backed by numerous examples that guide practical application while illustrating regenerative design and development in action. Regenerative design and development positions humans as co-creative and mutually-evolving participants in an ecosystem—not just a built environment.

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What People Are Saying

A clarion call to become an agent of regenerative change…an enlightening read for those looking to bring about a step change when it comes to true sustainability and a primer on the latest thinking that is likely to resonate for years to come.

Richard McPartland | Editor, | Newcastle, United Kingdom

An incredibly insightful book. Should be mandatory reading for every change maker in every position.

Leen Gorissen | Founder, Studio Transitio | Antwerp, Belgium

This should be mandatory reading for anyone truly interested in sustainabilty as more than a checklist. This is the way all development should be done – balancing ROI across financial, environmental, communal and human aspects of the built environment.

Scott Brideau, CDT, LEED AP (O+M) | Studio Principal, Little | Washington, DC

Goes way beyond what is commonly thought of sustainable design and development and describes a way of thinking about and implementing projects that can transform our world.

Helen J. Kessler, FAIA, LEED Fellow | President, HJKessler Associates | Chicago, Illinois