This is amazing and inspiring work that is immediately useful and life-changing on multiple levels. I am deeply grateful for this work coming into my life and into the world.

Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann

The Regenerative Practitioner Series

The Regenerative Practitioner provides a deep dive into the fundamental shifts in how we think and how we work that underlie a regenerative approach to development of all kinds. The series introduces and explores proprietary regenerative development concepts and frameworks that have been developed and extensively field tested by Regenesis over the last 25 years. Participants work together deeply over a five-month period to engage with the course curriculum, Regenesis instructors, and one another.

We organize TRP cohorts geographically in partnership with local host teams in communities and regions around the world, to support the emergence of communities of regenerative practice that members support and are supported by on the learning path.

Regenerative practice is based on the premise that we cannot make the outer transformations required to create a truly sustainable world without making inner transformations in how we think, how we work, and who we are. Our understanding of what’s required of ourselves as practitioners and as human beings deepens as this inner work unfolds. For this reason, we do not think of the series as a “training” but rather as a deep dive into a new way of seeing and thinking about one’s work that provides a new foundation from which to chart a unique developmental path for oneself.

How does the series work?

The Regenerative Practitioner Series is an in-depth, five-month course held over Zoom. The course includes ten two-hour dialogue sessions structured around our curriculum of reading material and practice exercises, and culminates in a three-day intensive workshop. 

How do I learn more?

In 2018 we formed the Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education pathways for regenerative practitioners. The Series is offered several times per year to cohorts of 20-30 practitioners in communities around the world. You can learn more by visiting the TRP information page on the Regenesis Institute website.