We frequently receive requests for articles and source material about regenerative development and the Regenesis approach. What we have compiled here is a good place to start. Below you will find articles and presentations by Regenesis members, videos about our work, and a bibliography of the source material we have drawn on over the years.

For information about books written by Regenesis members and/or featuring our work, please visit our books page.

If you can’t find what you need here, please feel free to email us.


The Role of Businesses in Regenerating Local Economies: Catalyzing a Business Stakeholder Ecosystem to Drive Place-Sourced Economic Development by Beatrice Ungard and Ben Haggard. Download PDF

Leadership Paradigms: Why Some Soar While Others Struggle by Ben Haggard and Max Shkud, October 2020

Whole Systems Economic Development: A Regenerative Approach by Ben Haggard and Beatrice Ungard, August 2020. Download PDF

The Regenerative Economic Shaper: A Framework for Architecting the Next Economy by Carol Sanford and Ben Haggard with the Regenerative Economy Collaborative, June 2020. Download PDF

What Makes a Network Regenerative? by Beatrice Ungard. Presentation at Regen18 published on LinkedIn, May 2018.

Creating Regenerative Processes: An excerpt from the book Regenerative Development and Design: A Framework for Evolving Sustainability by Pamela Mang and Ben Haggard., March 2018.

Leadership in Living Systems by Joel Glanzberg. The Regenerative Development Blog, March 2018

Regenerative Development: The Only Viable Response to Climate Change by Shannon Murphy and Bill Reed. The Regenerative Development Blog, November 2017.

How Can We Bring A Regenerative Approach to Our Energy Systems? by Ben Haggard. Futures Center, June 2017

How Would Nature Think? by Shannon Murphy. Futures Center, May 2017

Working Regeneratively Across Scales by Beatrice Ungard (née Benne) and Pamela Mang. Journal of Cleaner Production, December 2015

The Nature of Positive by Pamela Mang and Bill Reed. Building Research & Information, April 2014.

Regenerative Development and Design, by Pamela Mang and Bill Reed. Springer Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, 2012.

Designing from place: A regenerative framework and methodology by Pamela Mang and Bill Reed. Building Research & Information, December 2011.

The Rediscovery of Place and Our Human Role Within It by Nicholas Mang. Doctoral work, 2009.

A Leadership Case Study of Curitiba, Brazil by Nicholas Mang. Doctoral work, 2009.

Shifting from Sustainability to Regeneration, by Bill Reed. Building Research & Information, 2007.

A Living Systems Approach to Design, by Bill Reed. Theme Keynote Address at AIA National Convention, May 2007.

Leaf Litter Talks with Pamela Mang, interview. Biohabitats Leaf Litter newsletter, Spring 2006.

Regenerative Development by Ben Haggard, Bill Reed, and Pamela Mang. Revitalization Magazine, 2005.

What is Education For? by Pamela Mang. Independent School Magazine, Spring 2005.

Green to the Power of Three by Ben Haggard. Environmental Design & Construction, March/April 2002.

Regenerative Design: Sustainable design’s coming revolution by Pamela Mang. Design Intelligence, July 2001.

The Next Step: Transforming the building industry to model nature by Ben Haggard. Hope Dance, 2000.

Patterning as Process by Tim Murphy and Vicki Marvick. Permaculture Activist, 1998.



Regenerative Development. Five-part video series by Regenesis. 2017.

Story of Place. Three short videos featuring members of Regenesis. 2016.

The Regenerates. Featuring members of Regenesis. 2015.

Sustainability Snack: From Sustainable to Regenerative Design Featuring a framework developed by Regenesis. 2015.

Lectures & Presentations

The Regenerative Community by Joel Glanzberg for Creative Mornings Santa Fe. 2018.

Reaching for Regeneration by Ben Haggard at Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. 2017.

Regeneration: The Architect’s Role in the Anthropocene by Bill Reed at AKF Institute. 2015.

Regeneration: An Approach to Sustainable Building by Bill Reed at Williams College. 2011.

From Sustainability to Regeneration: Whole and Living System Design by Bill Reed at Pittsburgh Green Building Alliance’s Green, Healthy Schools conference. 2010.


Interviews & Conversations

Setting a Field for Potential to Mantifest. Regeneration Rising! Conversation with Pamela Mang and Daniel Christian Wahl. 2020.
Video | Article

Deepening into Regenerative Practice. Regeneration Rising! Conversation with Bill Reed and Daniel Christian Wahl. 2020.
Video | Article

Pattern Design Out of Time and Space. Regeneration Rising! Conversation with Joel Glanzberg and Daniel Christian Wahl. 2020.
Video | Article

Bill Reed: Staying in the Game of Evolution. Conversation with Dan Palmer on the Making Permaculture Stronger podcast. 2020.

Joel Glanzberg on Working to Regenerate Whole Systems. Conversation with Dan Palmer on the Making Permaculture Stronger podcast. 2020.

Joel Glanzberg on Permaculture’s Potential to Serve Life. Conversation with Dan Palmer on the Making Permaculture Stronger podcast. 2018.


We have compiled a bibliography of published works that have provided inspiration to us over the years and that, together, offer an introduction to the thinking behind regenerative development as both a concept and an approach. You can download the bibliography as a PDF here.