Tim Murphy

A founding member of Regenesis Group, Tim has 25 years experience in whole-systems site assessment and project planning. He specializes in the integration of ecology and culture to create new potential for land, economic, and community development.

TimĀ has also been a pioneer in permaculture education and design. He studied for a number of years under Bill Mollison, who created permaculture as an interdiscliplinary approach to land use and community development. TimĀ brings an advanced systems-thinking approach to permaculture practice, enabling his clients to leverage their projects to influence and be supported by whole systems. He is internationally recognized for his whole-systems site assessments and for his revealing insight into the systemic patterns of economic growth and decline.

Recent notable projects include Playa Viva, a regenerative resort project adjacent to a valuable archaeological site in Juluchuca, Mexico; and the Villages at Loreto Bay, a mixed-use community development in Baja California Sur that made the regeneration of a critical estuarine ecosystem foundational to its project vision.