Joel Glanzberg

Joel contributes over 25 years’ experience as an applied naturalist to land and community development projects throughout the United States. Through assessing, understanding, and communicating the inherent patterns present in natural systems, Joel helps clients identify principles and guidelines for appropriate and healthy development.

An active author and educator in the fields of permaculture and ecological design, Joel is skilled in cross-cultural communication and teaching. He has taught throughout the United States as well as in Africa and South America, and worked with a variety of Native American tribes and communities. He also acts as a faculty member for The Regenerative Practitioner series. His research has focused on the application of traditional land-use practices to the design of modern infrastructure.

Joel has worked for a diverse client base, including communities, colleges and universities, government agencies, and private developers. Recent projects include a new student campus for the Winston Preparatory School in Norwalk, Connecticut and a regional sustainability planning project in the Finger Lakes region of New York.