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Every good owner or developer has a vision for their land. But all too often, a person’s intuition about what their project is uniquely capable of gets drowned out in the static of dime-a-dozen green technologies and buzzwords.

Our process is designed from the knowledge that our clients are drawn to create a project in a particular place for a particular reason: to make a difference in the life of that place that no one else can make.

Rather than suggesting bells and whistles that you can add to your project, we work with you to get to the core of what’s most important—the truly profound impact that your project is capable of making.

We do this through Story of Place®.



It’s been incredible seeing the community working with the ideas and tools Regenesis created…decision making becomes productive and regenerative for the land. Through the process I came to believe that a healthy landscape and a healthy community are one in the same.

Jeffrey Cooper, Three Canyons

Story of Place can help you:

Create revolutionary design concepts.

When we aim to create something new in any place, we are quickly met by an entire system of constraints coming both from the site itself and from the surrounding community. Too often, those constraints are treated as obstacles that need to be eliminated rather than what they truly are: an opportunity to elevate our thinking.

Our process is designed from the insight that truly great projects happen when we embrace constraints and use them as a source of creativity. This requires the development of a deep, whole-systems understanding about what those constraints are and why they exist.

Story of Place helps you make that shift by illustrating the underlying patterns that shape the complex web of ecological, economic, and social dynamics that your project must act within. Then, we help your team create design concepts and principles that embrace and honor those patterns.

The result? A project that is completely unique and globally significant, with the power to transform the life, health, and aspirations of the larger community it inhabits.

Realize the full value of your project.

In the twenty-first century, it is becoming more and more common for projects and business ventures to aim to create “positive” impacts on the environments they touch. Regenerative projects do this and more. Beyond simply planting two trees for every tree that’s harvested, a regenerative project aims to increase the wealth and abundance of the entire system in which it functions.

The wealthiest communities are the ones that have something unique to contribute to the larger world. Regenerative projects act as torch-bearers for that unique contribution and enable a community to create real, lasting wealth for itself in relationship to it. We call this genuine wealth because it goes beyond the one-dimensionality of financial capital to include the bounty that’s harvested, the knowledge that’s cultivated, the resources that are shared, and the social networks that form.

This requires understanding the Story of Place–not only how a place works, but also what it has to offer. Creating that understanding is our specialty.

Build unparalleled stakeholder support.

Regenerative project leaders aren’t interested in simply “winning” approvals—they want authentic buy-in from the community. But it’s not enough to gather stakeholders who already have a natural alignment with a project’s aspirations. That’s just preaching to the choir.

If a project’s stakeholders are a true reflection of the diversity of a place, they won’t all be peas from the same pod. In fact, it’s the dynamic tension of different opinions, missions, and even worldviews that makes a community truly strong.

Regenerative projects act as catalysts for a place’s pursuit of its own highest potential. Thus, the rationale for the project is deeply interwoven with the story of the place that it inhabits. The key to building authentic stakeholdership is to articulate that Story of Place—the overarching narrative of a place’s past, present, and future that reconciles diverse and even conflicting interests towards a shared identity and destiny. We have a talent for that.

The result? Projects that receive the support and advocacy of community members far and wide while setting a new standard for development in a place.

Grow the team to build the dream.

Regenerative project leaders are managing an entirely different sort of process than the rest of the world is accustomed to. This is because they seek to generate a new pattern for how human beings relate to natural systems, rather than simply improving upon existing models.

This means that team development becomes a process of unique and paramount importance. A regenerative project team is not a “dream team” of all-star talent. Rather, it is a group of people within whom the project has kindled something—a recognition that the project’s aspirations are deeply interwoven with their life’s work. Story of Place is what unlocks the understanding of what that something is.

Additionally, members of regenerative project teams are characterized by an unwavering commitment to growing the self. Human understanding of how to be in regenerative relationship with natural systems—our birthright as a species—has been dying out for generations. Re-developing that understanding takes time and commitment, and each team will do it differently. We can help you chart the course.

Regenesis’ work helped us see the real potential of this organization. This is a new paradigm: understanding the difference between what the building looks like and the opportunities and our role in the larger system we are part of.

Mark Goerhing, Brattleboro Food Coop

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Photography: Millstone and fall leaves, Andrew F. Kazmierski via Shutterstock. Watering can, dill seeds, sunflower seeds and heron, Erin O’Neill.