What we do

The world is benefiting from a new generation of sustainability leaders. Rather than simply trying to reduce their negative impacts—by cutting carbon emissions, diverting waste streams, and putting back what they’ve taken out—these regenerative project leaders seek to create a positive ripple effect on the ecological, social, and economic fabric of the communities they’re a part of.

The challenge lies in designing that ripple effect to honor and support the complexity of life in each unique context. This is regenerative development—the process of becoming a generator of community health and wealth while developing, through time, an increasingly whole understanding of what that truly means for a particular place.

If you are one of these emerging leaders, we can help you. Working in the fields of land use, community planning, and the built environment, we provide project consulting and education programs designed to enable the development of regenerative projects and regenerative practitioners worldwide.

Photography by Erin O’Neill